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Past. on Saturday, June 9, 2012


Did you know I used to be a real cunt when I was a kid? 
It's not really shocking if you knew me now, but I was such a cunt
I remember it all now, especially after my old classmates decided to make a Facebook group.
I was actually with the G class, but I got moved to the K class after Year 5.
You want to know why? 

It all started with this boy, his name was Scott Lim. 
Well let's just say Scott was a popular boy, and I was his friend. 
I wanted to be his best friends, and I got jealous easily.
I got pissed at him one day and I pushed him down the stairs.

I know, horrible, yep, I did that. 

I got into a bunch of shit, Scott's parents talked to me, so did the teacher. 
The worst part was when my parents had to talk to the principle, I saw my mom cry.
I felt sorry for her, I was such a troubled child, along with her crying because of this.
Then I got moved into 5K instead of 5G, because of Scott. 
I never apologized to Scott though, I still haven't. Maybe I should one day. 

Then more shit happened in the K class. Ugh, I was so stupid back then.
I "dated" this girl, for a week or so. Then she broke up with me, and me being me, vengeance was the only way.
Guess what I did? Guess? Did I push her down the stairs? No, I did something worse. 
I created this group, called "Rebecca Copland Sucks" I think, and got a bunch of my friends to join.
Well, Rebecca found out, and uh, she didn't take it that well, she cried a lot, and didn't go to school for awhile. 
Her mom got involved so did my teacher, and ugh it was just a shitfest. A huge one.
Thinking about it now, I was such a dick. A huge dick. Like wow.

Other shit I did back then? I also pushed another girl down the stairs, but she didn't fall down. 
She told her mom though, more shit happened. Also something happened in Year 4.
I remember we played a game and I accidentally hit this girl's ass, I think her name was Thalia Chin? 
WELL, Thalia did not take this incident very well, she told her parents.
And her parents deemed it as sexual harassment and that I was a perverted child. 

Wow, I'm such a fuck up, even back then.
I don't know how my mom dealt with this, alone.
I never ever said sorry to her about all of this, maybe I should.

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