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I'm sorry but I need your love. on Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm sorry. Baby I'm sorry.

I'm scratching my head right now. Are you mad? I can't tell.
Those are one of my flaws, I can't relate to people easily.
When they're in a bad mood, depressed, excited for something, or even in love.
I just can't relate, for that I'm sorry. 

You keep telling me that you don't like a person who swears at you,
A person who seems very sexual or horny all the time,
And I just keep acting like that, because that's all I want you to see. 
It's very hard for me to show who I really am, people at school.
They just think I'm someone cold, that's because I give them that impression. 

People who meet me for the first time, they think I'm quiet and shy.
And I am, but once you become my friend, people.
They get annoyed of me, they find out the real me. And.

They just don't want me anymore.

I don't blame them, I have my faults. When I do something wrong.
Most of the times I actually don't know what I did wrong. 
I'll be sitting there clueless, trying to think up the reason why people are mad at me.
But then I'll give up, because I'm tired of thinking of my faults, my flaws, how bad of a person I am.

But I don't blame you for being mad at me, not at all.
I'm actually kinda happy that you are, because I know this will just break us apart faster.
You don't want a person like me, you have better people out there.

But I still want your love.
And for that, baby I'm sorry.

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