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Someone's story on Sunday, April 29, 2012


As I stated this is someone's story, not mine. I'm just re-telling it.

So, you never told me, or you did tell me and that I just forgot, why did you breakup with your last boyfriend?
He cheated on me.
He cheated on me.
. . . . Oh.
I went back to China for vacation, and I was supposed to be there for three weeks, but I came back a week earlier.
Why did you come back home early?
To surprise him of course.
Then, what happened?
Well, when I got back, I could see his clothes and the other guy's clothes all over the bed.
Where were they?
On the bed, naked, sleeping together.
Well. . . What did he say?
He asked why I came back home so early.
. . . What did you do?
I just, I just picked up my stuff and left.
You didn't yell? Or talk, or cry?
Why not?
Well, what's in the past stays in the past.
If it was me, I would've taken a knife and stabbed both of them.
As I said, it's in the past, I've moved on.
You didn't cry at all?
No, I couldn't, I mean, I tried to cry, but no tears would come out.
Why did you go back so early? Well at least you found out. .
Yeah, I went back early because it was Valentine's Day, and well I wanted to surprise him.
. . . . What, an ass. You go back, trying to be romantic and this happens to you.
I know right, what a bad life I have?
What did you tell your friend? The one that introduced you guys.
I didn't tell her.
Why not?
I didn't talk to anyone about it, only one of my friends, who's my roommate now.
Well, she wouldn't know what an ass that guy was then.
I'm pretty sure she found out. I just told her that we broke up.
So, who was the guy that he slept with?
My friend.
. . . . Really?
-enter violent screaming and swearing-
I'm pretty sure they ended up together.
-more violent noises and swearing-
But, I heard from my friend that he moved to Europe.
So, they're not together anymore?
Guess not.
But I bet that manwhore already found someone else.
Why are you so calm about this?
We broke up 9 months ago, I've moved on.
But yeah, but you were relatively calm in the start.
I guess, I'm a passive guy.
Well, I bet it hurt you.
Yeah, it did, but now I'm more scared than anything.
Why's that? Of what?
You liking someone else, and the same thing happening again.
Well. . . That won't happen. I'm not that bad of a person. I'd probably breakup with you first. Haha, what a cruel life I have.
Yeah. . .
Well, I'm going to sleep now, night.

Yeah, I'll try to sleep too.

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