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Big dreams. on Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sometimes I wonder, if only people with big dreams are the ones that succeed.
Because of their big dreams, they're highly motivated to accomplish their goals. 
While people like me, well lets just say we don't really dream at all.

Hrm, I dunno where I'm going in life, it's always such a blur.
Wish I could just sit at home and just play games, sleep, and eat. 
I'm pretty boring aren't I? Pretty simple guy right here. 
Well for the most part life has been okay, it's been, peaceful.
심장이 멎은 것 만 같아 전쟁이 끝나고 그 곳에 얼어 붙은 너와나
내 머릿속 새겨진 Trauma 이 눈물 마르면 촉촉히 기억하리 내 사랑
괴롭지도 외롭지도 않아 행복은 다 혼잣말 그 이상에 복잡한 건 못 참아
대수롭지 아무렇지도 않아 별수없는 방황 사람들은 왔다 간다
I was born and I met you,
And I loved you to death,
My cold heart that has been dyed blue,
Even if you have left, I'm still here.

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