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Lack of. on Saturday, January 21, 2012


I'm lacking a lot of things as people would say,
I'm lacking in empathy, intellect, passion, and so forth.
Sorry, I wanted to cut the long list short, too many things.

Not much has changed, but everything has changed.
Weird, right? Everyday, a lot of things change but their so subtle, that no one notices.
The change piles up and then we finally notice what as changed.
It may come to us as a surprise, a shock, maybe we knew it all along.
But we couldn't accept the fact that change has happened

Caring too much, it has always been my weakness.
Some people might call me weird, or clingy, stalker.
I guess that's somewhat true. Well those descriptions fit me quite well.
But you know, this is why I distance myself, or try to.
Lately it hasn't been working, I'm becoming more social.

Recently I've been posting my rants on my tumblr, go check that out.
Along with that, I've just started #100 facts about me, one fact everyday, for the next hundred days.
Not sure if I'll be able to keep it up, probably not

I'm tired. 

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