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Worry. on Thursday, October 27, 2011

I can safely say that, I'm probably one of the people in this entire universe that you'll ever meet that worries about everything. I worry about my school life, my future, my friends & family, my love life, and approximately ninety billion other things.


I worry so much, most of the time it drains the energy right out of me, I'll be so tired after overanalysing and over thinking about something that I'll be too tired to do anything else really. I can't control this, maybe I can learn ways to cry less but I feel like I will always be the crybaby I am today, maybe I need to worry less but there are things I always worry about.

When I worry, I get all moody, it's like I'm PMSing, on an emotional roller coaster as one might say, I'll get depressed real easily and angered easily also, it's not healthy I'm probably going to die young from all this stress and worry.

Well, why are you worried about that or this, why are you so paranoid?
Why do you even care?

I care so much for the people I love, my family, my friends, anyone I become close to really. I might not show it on the inside, but I'm always thinking about them, wondering how they are, if they're okay or not. This is why I'm so cold and unfriendly when I meet new people, because I know that if I make any more friends and deem me and them as one of my "close friends" I will start to worry and I'll probably cry even more. My heart can't take it, it's possibly going to shatter I'm overworking it, making it feel like shit and making it beat faster when I worry, I'm pretty sure it's going to explode one of these days.

Sigh, I haven't posted in a month, sorry for those people who actually follow and read my blog, if there are such people out there.

I've just been busy. . . With my fishes & tanks, and other stuff.

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