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"It's not that I'm anti-social. ." on Friday, September 2, 2011

It's that everyone else is just an asshole.


My first day of school was today, yes I know it's Friday, but they thought it was a great idea to start the school year on a Friday.
Then I have a three day weekend coming up, seeing how Monday is Labour Day. Really they should have just started us on Tuesday.

My classes go like this; Chemistry, Biology, English, and Math.
All diploma courses too, life sucks. I'll probably fail one course, if not all of them.
First off, lets see how my day went, with first thing in the morning.
Chemistry, ugh. Sat alone, what a surprise, not really. We really did nothing.
Biology, I thought I would be alone again, but one of my friends had the same class with me.
English, I fell asleep. Really it was so boring, so I snoozed for thirty minutes, teacher didn't even notice me.
Math, I wanna die. I had the same math teacher last year, he probably hates me. He made us answer pretty personal questions. I'm not joking, it was weird.

Yeah that's pretty much it.
I'm actually kinda tired.
I only got like six hours of sleep.
I hate all my classmates.
I kinda hate most of my teachers.
I hate life me.

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