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Five days. on Sunday, September 18, 2011


I haven't blogged in awhile, I've actually been going these days, living life.
I'll give brief summaries on what happened during these past five days.
Wednesday; I did nothing, no surprise there~ Probably flopped around like a fish.
Thursday; Anyone that's close to me will know what happened, I told you guys all the info.
Friday; Met up with Amaya, she was late, like really late. I was such a loner for an hour. Originally I went with Suzy to the mall, she was meeting up her boyfriend there, to my surprise Suzy's boyfriend is quite attractive, she caught a prized fish to be honest. Much better than her last guy, he was a douchebag that needed to be slapped around with a dead fish.

On Friday I wanted to cry, I was sitting there by the fountain and I wanted to cry so badly, maybe it was because I haven't cried in awhile, or maybe it's because of what I saw. I saw children, running around, their jaw's dropping and getting all excited because there was a foutain there. I wondered if I would have kids one day too, or it could be simply an impossible dream, only to be shattered by all the obstacles I would try to overcome, I would simply become too tired, too exhausted from jumping hoop after hoop to reach my goal.

Saturday; Went out with family to eat at a Japanese restaurant, it was surprisingly good. Can't judge a book by it's cover I guess. The store was small, and I thought there were no customers but when we went in there it was packed. Also roamed the pet stores, for my quest to find a 10 gallon tank for cheap price, and I did! Only $37 for a 10 gallon that came with a hood with lights, and a filter, quite an awesome steal I have to say. I'm still wondering if I should cycle the tank or not, the tank will be indeed heavily planted and such, since I'm having a community tank. I'll drop in the live plants next week, I'm not so sure about the fish though. I might have to cycle it and that'll take awhile, seeing how cycling is quite hard. After I'm done cycling going to plop in some fish establish that it's their territory then plop in Jake, and stare at them for the next day or so. Then probably use the two gallon for guppies or something, like maybe three or four guppies. I'm not sure, the two gallon is heated, filtered (that is baffled), has decorations, so I don't wanna shove it in my closet, would be a waste.

And today is finally Sunday; I might have a second date today, not sure we'll see how that goes my fellow followers. I still have to do my bio lab which is due tomorrow, but I'm procrastinating, as always!

And that was my fairly long and boring posts for today, hope you enjoyed it.

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