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멍하니. on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, I haven't been on the Internet for awhile, around three days or so. Mainly because my modem died, although they sent one really quick, when it was supposed to take longer. Oh well. I enjoy having access to the Internet. It makes me happy and bubbly inside.


Over the weekend my computer died, it was fine because I would still have my iPod.
But then my modem died. . . Which led to me being completely isolated from the outside world.
All I did was sleep, eat, go to work, stare at Jake, and repeat, really. Then obviously go to school.
But I've gained the access to the Internet once again now! And it feels wonderful! Like rainbows and sunshine. I was almost desperate enough to pull out my PS2 and start playing Final Fantasy X again.
But I had my old Gameboy Advance! Played some Pokemon Emerald, good times.
Then today I went on my computer to do some things, and I found out it was working fine again, whoo~

Are You Dazed? It's been five years, not four.

After being here for five years, I can't believe it's been that long already. I can surely say that I've changed. I've changed appearance wise the most though, also some mental changes here and there.
But I think I will continue to change, we change all the time, when people say that "People can't change."
It's not true, how do you think they got that way in the first place? They weren't born like that.
Sure our genes determine how we'll look, but we can change that, we can change almost anything about ourselves.

Although it's early it's never too early to plan about the future:

Nara's birthday~
Fish tank! (Applies to October, November, & December too)


Eunhae's birthday.
Umi's birthday.
My birthday.
Romeo's birthday.
New phone! (December 16th)

I really don't know what I'm going to do about December, it's so full of birthdays, plus it's near Christmas time too. Must buy gifts early!

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