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Sweating. on Monday, July 18, 2011


I just started Gym 10, second semester of summer school.
Another grueling two weeks, but this time, I have to do physical activities.
I hate physical activities, like so much. I hate summer, I hate sweating.

I sweat so much, it's not even funny. It's so unfair. My forehead.
Could quench the thirst of the whole fucking continent of Africa.
I guess it's not as bad as I make sound, gym is quite fun.
I can't wait to get to the swimming part, so I be in the water again.

I've always liked swimming, being in water has such a nice feeling to it.
It's cool and if I sweat you can't see it cause it's water all around.
Also there's one person in my class that keeps staring at me.
I don't know if I should feel flattered or, disturbed.

Anyways, miss A's comeback is soon.
Sometime around this week!
I am a big fan of miss A, along with 2NE1.
Since 내가 제일 잘나가 was released a while ago.
miss A's comeback is timed perfectly.
Should win a lot of awards from Music Bank or SBS.
Either way, miss A fighting!

Jia looks really good with long hair,
And not a freaky hair color like pink.

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