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Something to rely on on Saturday, July 2, 2011


If you haven't noticed, I've decided to remove my background music.
With each new post you'll get to hear another song, instead of the same one.
Over and over again, so basically. I'm saving your ears from bleeding.
If you want to know the song's name just ask in the comment box.

On Wednesday? I was suppose to go shopping with Umi, and Nara.
Since Nara basically lives with Umi now, it's like a bundle package.
You ask for one, you get two! For the price of one though, so yeah.
Good stuff, anyways Umi & Nara had other plans, random plans.
So I decided to hang out with my mothers, Amaya & Riku.

Needless to say we didn't expect the unexpected.
It started pouring rain, more like hailing chunks of ice.
In the middle of summer the sky started to shit ice on us.
We were in Marble Slab when it started raining, eating our ice cream cake!
Peanut butter with chocolate, also with chocolate fudge drizzled on top.

Honestly I have no idea why we decided to book it.
But we did, we ran, out in the pouring rain.
Mostly Riku's idea, seeing how she's the outgoing type.
Maybe Amaya wanted it too, but I would have stayed inside.
Until it stopped raining/hailing/shitting water on us.

But, I don't regret it for one bit.
It's so cheesy when characters in dramas are in the rain.
It usually leads to a kiss, or right after a fight and someone,
Runs out into the pouring rain crying and their lover chases them.
Basically, something always happens when it rains.
And I felt happy, I felt so alive, so free, nothing would stop us.
We ran, we ran all the way to the university. Well,
We stopped for a moment so Amaya could call her mom.
So we could crash at her house while it stopped raining.

That's how we ended in her house,
Strange though, I've been living here for four years now?
I've never been exploring this town at all. Well, why would I?
Riku was shocked, that I've never been to this side of town.
Specifically north side of town, it was quite sketchy.
She was more shocked that I've never been out this late.
I got home around 11PM, latest I've been out was like, 8 or 9PM?

Hmm, I had this great idea for a post yesterday.
But I completely lost the idea, and now, I can't think of it.
Well I watching a show called "Finding Sarah", it was about.
The Duchess of York, well she used to be a duchess.
Then she sabotaged her own self, and now she's finding herself.
Finding Sarah.

They did this own activity, well she did.
Where her life coach set up lines across an area,
And she was blindfolded, and it was a maze.
She had to follow the lines, and find out where to go.
On her way there would be intersections, but.
The rope would be rougher and lead to nowhere,
Sometimes the line would completely stop but,
They wouldn't tell you if you were done or not.

I guess my post was about this general concept.

When do I know I'm done?
Am I on the right path or am I going the wrong way?
And is there anyone, anyone that I can rely on here?

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