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Promise. on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I will always promise.
To be there for you, even if it rains.
I will always promise,
To put myself first before others.


Following my last blog post, I still have nothing to do.
There is a long weekend up ahead, a four day weekend.
Thanks God, just a break I needed, so I bawl my eyes out.
Yeah nothing important happened today, well there was this one thing.

While we were walking, you started crying. Really I had no clue what to do, I'm so bad when it comes to comforting people. I asked you what's wrong, you said you couldn't tell me, I left it at that. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I should have pushed harder to figure out what's wrong, but that would have felt too, pushy. Really, I'm so bad at these things, I wonder how I would care for my children, if I get the opportunity to have some in the future.

Anyways. . .

Really there is nothing to do, completely nothing, everyone has something to do, but not me. I have no objective, and when I have no objective(s), I breakdown and get myself into stupid shit. Which is what I got myself into, great job me. -self high fives-

I mean, why do I always get caught up in these things? Really these people are just full of shit. They have their fun with you and then throw you away like a candy wrapper, but you're the candy and you've just been devoured by them, without a care. The best part is when they say they do care about you! Oh please, if you really cared about me you wouldn't have been so, misleading, and not ever taking me seriously when I specifically said, "I'm serious". When I say that I'm actually serious. Like, with no shitty emoticons, god, maybe sometimes it's hard to convey my feelings and emotions over text and Skype and shit like that.

I'm such in a bad mood, maybe because I'm hungry and tired.
Yeah it's probably because I'm hungry and tired.
Lmao, no. It's because I really hate you,
And want to send a giant punch into your face.
Then probably tender your injuries with love.
God what's wrong with me? I'll just end this here.
Before I rant even more, rantrantrantrantrant.

PS: I'm trying this thing where I don't talk to you, and it's been really hard.
PPS: Just initiate the conversation once, so I don't have to do it.
PPPS: Umi has an eight inch dick, that I would love to have in me.

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