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My stomach hurts. on Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well it doesn't actually physically hurt.
It feels weird, so weird.
Imagine, someone punched you right in the guts.
But there was no pain felt just, that weird feeling.
That's what my stomach feels like right now.

I'm trying really hard not to judge you right now. So hard. But I can't really, so that's why I'm letting all my feelings out. Right here so you'll never see them. First of all, I think you're a fucking idiot, such a fucking idiot, overall you're a slut. A big fat slut. I've lost some respect for you, I might not even have any left.

What hit me the hardest and made my stomach churn,
Was when you said:
But my ex was like "Well, i'm pretty sure we can eep it a secret blahblahblahblah we never got a chance to retry things anyways blahblahblah"

So I was like "dis is tru. maybei try."
That's when I just couldn't take it anymore.
My whole body just tensed up, and I just couldn't take it.

For the rest of class, I just sat there, I didn't know what I felt, I wanted to cry, I wanted to hit you with a frying pan and hope you bled to death, I wanted to feel not so shitty anymore, but I couldn't, really I just couldn't. Everyone noticed I just went silent, for that I am sorry. I'm sorry maiL when you tried to cheer me up, I couldn't even look you in the eyes, but I appreciate the effort, I had to turn my back towards you so I could stop myself from crying. I was tearing up.

Also, maybe it's because I didn't eat anything but I don't really know, but thanks トレイシー, I kinda want that Tic Tac now. Herpa derpa. Sorry, you're stomach was in actual pain, because of that salad you ate. Kinda gross.

People take a lot of things for advantage, I really hope you get shitstorm.
Right. On. Your. Face.
I hope you regret it, but you can never take back what you've done.
I really hope you feel the pain, the pain of being the "mistress",
The pain for being a fat old whore. I really do.

I feel ultimate sympathy for the guy who's being cheated on.
I cannot imagine what will happen when he finds out.
Really, I hope you get revenge for what has been done upon you.
You don't deserve this, no one deserves this. No one.
If I could, I would stab both of them, but you wouldn't want that.
If this was me, I would, basically go into mental suicide mode.
I wouldn't go to work, school, I wouldn't even talk.
I'd probably cry and sleep to wake up to another day filled with crying.

Really. I really hope you get what you deserve for this.
It was a choice, but you chose the wrong one.
I want to slap you so hard right now, I just hate you so much.
I might even leave Nation for this, because I'm just so.
Utterly disgusted at you, even Nation reminds me of you.

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