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It hurts on Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've been blogging a lot lately haven't I?
Really there is nothing to do these days, really.
Oh look, it's raining, the sky must be crying with me.


Today it was just one of those days, I woke up in the afternoon, feeling normal and what not, it's going to be a normal day, or so I thought. I completely broke down today, I really don't know what happened, it was like a surge of sadness, unhappiness, and it struck my heart, dead and center. My knees became weak and I just fell in the middle of the staircase and started crying, I really don't know why I cried because of you and everything that has made me sad in this world.

I was planning to take a shower,
There was a bump in my road, so instead,
I fucking cried for fifteen minutes, straight up.
I really don't know what I was crying about really.
I know I was crying about you, but specifically?
Not a clue, but it felt good, I needed to release,
All those emotions I've bottled up for so long, all the.
"No comments" or the "NEXT SUBJECT PLEASE",
When really I did have a comment, and I wanted to say what I felt,
But no, instead I bottled them up, I didn't want to say anything,
The pain and sadness that lives on my shoulders, they're too heavy,
There were some odd sparks of happiness, they were great,
But in the end, sadness always triumphs joy, well in my cases anyways.
I didn't want to lash out at you and say,
"Hey fucktard, can't you see you're hurting me? Look at the scars."
Or "Really just stop talking to me, stop talking about that, just stop talking."
But I don't want you to stop talking to me, I just, wished you didn't say those things,
But no, I couldn't possibly have said that, but sometimes.

I wished I did.

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