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I have nothing to do. on Monday, May 9, 2011

It's that time of the year again,
The sky is bright baby blue,
The grass and flowers are blooming again,
And I am still here alone, with nothing to do.


A lot of things happened in the past few days, one of the major events is my decision to leave Nation. Weird when you would think that leaving an online community wouldn't be worth to talk about yet blog about, but Nation is different. Nation has this effect on you, it makes you want to post, it makes you wanna fool around in Bean Rua and spam all day long. Sadly this is a bittersweet moment, because, Nation has also inflicted some great deal of pain and sadness on me. Which is why I chose to leave, but I don't think many people cared about me on there, only a few. Isn't it annoying when people go all dramatic in your thread and tell you not to leave and then they say that they'll talk to you on Skype, but they never initiate the conversation? I think they're trying to gain attention, from my thread. How rude. But for those who care, I'll be back when I'm stronger, I promise.

Another issue is that people are starting to date each other, left to right you can see young love everywhere. Where as I'm stuck here, alone. I know I know, I'm complaining and whining again that I don't have a relationship, it's partly my fault, I'm too scared of the world, I can't raise my chin high and have confidence, maybe when I get out of high school. Then I shall have wild sex a relationship with someone. But it's okay I still have people here that I can always be with, I hope. I can always date うみ and her eight inch imaginary dick, it's huge I know. If she allows me to.

What else. . .

Nothing much I guess, today's post wasn't as depressing as I thought it would be. Maybe it's an early sign from leaving Nation. Well it's not like people read this blog, my views have gone down significantly. Totally check my views everyday to see how many views I got, makes my e-peen feel a lot better. Probably is because I used that new song from miss A as my background music for awhile, or that I'm utterly boring and terrible at writing blog posts.

Well that's all I have for today,
Or is it?

I really hate how you just talked to me for one day, along with teasing me with compliments and things like that, then the next day comes and you don't talk to me at all. It's like I was a one night flirt. Honestly sick and tired of always having to initiate the conversation with someone. Do you know how much it hurts me? It makes me feel like I'm not worth talking to, it makes me feel like I'm always the fucking backup friend, the one you talk to when there is no one else to talk to. You're one of the main reasons why I left Nation, probably should block you on Skype and put you on my ignore list. ALSO, don't even say you're bisexual, cause all the time you're always flirting with girls, it's really fucking annoying when someone fakes their sexuality, it's like waving a huge ass sign all up there saying that you're bi, when clearly your doing this for attention and shit like that.

Also, to all of you who said:

Talk to you on Skype Micho!

We'll miss you!

Derp so much for talking, none of you have contacted me. Really don't give false promises, shittiest thing you could do to anyone. You're all just a bunch of shit heads. Really, you are. Don't act all nice when you're dem bitches. Sick and tired of always being nice when I don't get anything in return. It's like I'm giving you cookies and in return you're taking a dump on me. Fucking Jesus Christ.

Really needed that.

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