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Where it first started. on Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes, life is so mysterious.
You can never expect the unexpected.
See my witty play with the words there?


Once there was a time where nothing mattered to me, even the basic needs wasn't needs to my understanding, that how life was for me a couple years ago. I was a child, a child that didn't know about the terrifying world out there, always protected by my family, they shielded the darkness of the outside world from me.

Now I can see everything so clearly.
It hurts.

yea still can play but dont be too addictive
u cant survive with game gold?

I was honestly suppose to blog about this several days ago, but. I got distracted. It's so weird, how the world works. I get babied, I can always see what's right and what's wrong, I get told what's right and what's wrong. But why do I keep choosing the wrong things? Maybe it's reverse psychology. You tell someone to not look at the window, obviously they'll turn around and look at the window. Maybe it's just my fault, I can only blame myself, and no one else, for how disgusting I turned out. The lazy slob I am, and how I'll never be anything amazing like anyone else.

I am Lee Micho, I have remained single throughout my whole life. I have never kissed, I have never cuddled, I have never experienced my heart throb so hard that it feels like it's going to jump right out of my chest, I have never want to see someone so much that I would do anything just to be with them.

I feel glad I never experienced those things before.

I am still a virgin at everything, I am glad that I have never loved. Although I am envious of everyone else that have experienced those wonderful feelings, I am glad I never experienced heartbreak, where someone just scrapped your heart and threw it in a paper shredder.

A long time ago, in a faraway land, I received some advice, from someone:

Stand up straight, keep your
head up high, don't be weak,
and fight back. Walking into
life without weapons results to
death. Don't be afraid to look
proud. But don't boost up the
ego, it makes you look FOB.

April 25th 2010.

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