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I always give 110% on Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I always give 110% to the wrong things, what's worst is that I never give anything to anyone that loves me back, that is my flaw. I've chosen the wrong people to waste time and effort into, a bad investment you can say. I don't really know what to say, my life is beginning to spin down the never ending cycle that used to keep me as a hostage.

Really, I can't pinpoint how this started all over again, but I know it started with you. I really hope you leave me alone for good, my obsessive and clingy personality just sets me up for heartbreak and mental suicide.

Really now? So how are you still single?

I've blew off several years of life and unimaginable amount of money on video games to keep distracted from reality, I rather play my games than be with my friends, I rather be alone than be with anyone else, to put it frankly I'm a hermit crab. But hermit crabs sometimes have to switch shells and find a new one, but they can't stay out a shell for too long or they'll die. I am that hermit crab, I've stayed out for too long and there's no shell to protect me. I'm getting pierced repeatedly over and over again, unable to find a new home.

Please leave me alone, I want to find a new home, and settle in. By then, I'll still be unstable as usual but, at least I have home to hide in.

Just go away.

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