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Answers on Friday, March 11, 2011

I haven't blogged in a while, and I apologize.
If anyone still reads this piece of junk.
Today will be a long post, so be aware~


I love browsing forums, they are my source for,
Interesting threads, news, or just plain nonsense,
I believe that forums is just like a big vast community,
There's the douchebags, the nice ones, and the authority,
And then there are your friends. Sadly that doesn't apply to me.

I've been with MabiNation for a month or so, it's filled with,
Intellectual people that either play Mabinogi, or Vindictus.
Or both. Pretty good community for either games.
Check it out if you like: http://mabination.com/forum.php


MabiNation always have threads that ask good questions,
And I do not reply to them, because well, I'm shy.
So why not post them here? Best place to, in this little box.

What made you stop believing in God?

Actually I never believed in God, my parents weren't religious, so I wasn't brought up without the knowledge of God. Ironically, I now go to a Catholic high school and also participate with a fellowship. But I do not consider myself religious, agnostic maybe, but not a Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, etc. When I was young I would read a children's bible, terrific book, pretty drawings, easy words, big font, everything a child needs to read a book. As I read, I read about the amazing things that "God" did. But then the Internet came, and with that I learnt the horrible things that they've done. People like this, made me chose to not go with the religious route. Although some of you may argue that one individual doesn't represent the whole community, but I just feel like I don't belong in a community that is built on homophobic, racism, etc. Yeah it's all in the bible, maybe it should have some re-wording done. . .

What words/phrases make you uncomfortable?

Many to be honest, the one I dread the most is when the teacher says we'll be doing a "group project", worst if the teacher lets us chose our own partners. I hate talking to people, especially the ones that I don't know, I can make friends, but it takes time, and when I do, I latch onto them like a kitty with claws, scared that they'll let go. That one probably makes sweat pour through my hands like a waterfall. Meh.

Marriage, love and staying in the closet.

First off, for all you that don't get this title it means, you married a girl but your gay so you basically married her to hide your sexuality. Now to put my opinion in this, I find that nowadays, that marriage is just like being "Facebook official", I mean true love doesn't need fancy weddings, big ass dresses, and hundred thousand dollars down the drain does it? But marrying someone just to hide your sexuality is terrible, the fact that the person is in love with you and that your just basically using her is a terrible situation you got yourself into. When and if you do come out, she'll probably jump off a bridge because, she'll probably blame herself that she wasn't attractive or that your marriage made you gay, etc. So yeah, don't do it man. Your basically dragging the person's happiness down with yours, your not happy being in the closet, they not happy cause you gay. Get it?

Favorite Brand of Instant Noodles?

Finishing this off with a last because it's pretty a non-serious topic and kinda funny too, honestly I have a variety of favorites. I used to live in Malaysia and they have all sort of brands there, the shit is everywhere, and everyone is eating it constantly. The cafes even sell them, they cook it for you and you eat it while drinking Iced Milo, yeahhhh, good times. . .

Anyways, my favorite are Mi Goreng (Dry Instant Noodles, also my father works there), Shin Ramyun (Spicy soup with thick noodles, Koreans know how to make noodles), Maggi Mee (curry and tom yam flavored only), Mama (Tom yam flavored).

I love my instant noodles man, they the best, and for those of you who eat Mr. Noodle, or anything that is NOT made in an Asian country, stop being so white-washed and get some Asian instant noodles, wayyy better.

So yeah this was kinda like a Q&A,
You ask how I'm doing? I'm doing, great.
Fantabulous, I've got my old friend back,
I got my Vindictus, I've got fun times,
Too bad you don't have me, this is what you get,
For using and abusing me, we had some fun times,
But never will I ever speak to you again, and never,
Will I want you to speak to you two again,
You can go live in your fantasy dreams,
While I live in reality, I'm not scared of the dark,
But I know you are.

P.S: I need a new layout, someone make it for me!

Love, Micho.

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