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Woof. on Friday, February 4, 2011


The dog works now, the dog works another eight hours tomorrow.
The dog walked home today, like any other day, the ice was melting,
Water was flowing down, making a little stream, the sky was pretty,
The dog hasn't seen sunlight in a few days, the clouds were blocking the light.

It was a pretty beautiful day.
But just because the weather is nice, doesn't mean life is.

Right now, the dog has lost complete interest in anything,
He has no idea why, the dog won't even play games on the computer,
Maybe it's because the dog is hungry, and the dog's mother isn't cooking.
The dog, is a hungry dog and a tired dog, therefore the dog is not happy.
Maybe just because the dog is unhappy, the dog has unhappy thoughts.
But, the dog always has unhappy thoughts, deep unhappy thoughts.

One day the dog will stray, one day the dog can't find it's owner.
One day, the dog will disappear, and no one will even notice.

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