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Single Awareness Day. on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shut up, I know it was yesterday.
I was too lazy to blog, or to do anything,
But to just sit there and see time go by.

Also known as Valentine's Day basically,
This "holiday" isn't really a holiday. . .
It's just another typical Monday, really.

To some people it's;

-groans- I have to get flowers, chocolate,
Actually dress up for once, pick her up, God.
Who invented this stupid holiday, Jebus.


YAY! Valentine's Day! Lets show my affection for him,
I'm going to give him homemade chocolate~
Lots of hugs and kisses, take a walk around the park,
I hope he gets me something, he better get me something,
I mean look at all of this shit I planned, there's like,
My whole paycheck right there, it's going to be,


We're so getting it on tonight.
-enter porn music here-


I'm single, so, I don't give a shit about today.
-wishes they have a Valentine-


Hm? Oh wait, today is Valentine's Day?
Well I was working on my IB Math essay yesterday.
So yeah, no social life. . . .

You get the point.

For me Valentine's Day was never nothing special,
Just like Halloween, it was just, there.
I never celebrated it, never cared for it
But you have to agree, it's depressing,
For those of us who don't have "loved ones".

But do not despair!
Even if you think no one is there.
To be your Valentine, I'm here.
Forever loyal, lazy ass dog.
And here's my present to anyone,
Anyone, who feels lonely, even though,
It's not Valentine's Day anymore.

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Love, 리미초.

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