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Incurable. on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
That was a quote by Charlie Chaplin,
And according to that quote, I have wasted many days.


Honestly I get pictures with big widths,
My borders are really small, so yeah, my bad.

I'm on the verge to stop posting,
To stop doing anything, and I have,
No idea why, why am I destroying myself.
It's one of those days, where it seems like a blur,
I woke up, I took a shower, I ate, I took the bus,
I went to school, I went to all four blocks, I came back home.
Back to square one as they say.

I can't take it anymore, I can't breathe.
These walls, they're caving in on me,
As hard as I scream, no one comes, not even light.
It's only darkness in here, and here I will suffer,
All ties will be broken from here out end,
Me to the world, it'll just be a blur, from a single day,
I will remember nothing, maybe there was nothing to remember.

Maybe my life is just so boring and useless,
That my brain doesn't even bother to remember anything,
It's waiting, waiting for something to happen.
Or maybe it's just me and my apathetic self.

Nothing is working out for me right now,
I know I will soon have bad grades,
I know soon I will have a bad relationship with my family,
I know I will have a touch n' go relationship with everyone else, I know.
I know what the future has to give me.

Our relationship has become broken, and I know that,
It's become a duplicate of mine and hers, the exact same thing,
All the steps have been placed in order, and now,
One by one, our little wall has been broken down,
Soon enough, you'll just fly back up into the sky.
And as always, I'll be sitting right there, at the exact spot,
Waiting for your return.

"What do you want a meaning for?
Life is a desire, not a meaning."
Charlie Chaplin

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