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Don't be scared. on Thursday, February 10, 2011

I noticed something was wrong,
But I never knew,
That you were actually scared.


I'm sure you know by now, I take that bus.
Everyday, to school, and to get home.
Did you change your lifestyle?
Just to avoid me? It seems silly.
But you must feel it is a necessity,

Don't blame it all on yourself, we both did wrong.
Just don't be scared to see me, I don't bite.
For three years I've never bitten you, only on that day,
Did I leave a scar, but I hope your new friends,
Patched you up and made you all happy again.
And hopefully that you don't remember what happened.

And if you ever get scared, don't worry.
I'll always be watching you, to see if your fine.
Because I know you did the same with me,
When we were still friends, but still,
It's time to return the favor, Tracy.

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