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Not sad shit, for once. on Friday, January 14, 2011

Hohoho, I know you missed me.
Well anyways, today I'll be talkin' about a few things.
First lets get on the topic with family issues.

Hohoho, so why did I just post a picture of a regular Chinese drama?
Well because that's how my family works right now.

These dramas are usually filled with well, drama. Honestly it's like watching a soap opera.
I mean one minute they're crying the next they're like "OMGWTFBBQ?!" then they all happy.
Like honestly, my huge family is so dysfunctional, I mean goddamn Grandmother,
She gave birth 14 kids, like holy shit. Her vagina must be like, broken. . .

Well anyways, so my mother hired a lawyer to deal with my aunt over some,
Property, like honestly? Lol, what the hell, your suppose to be sisters,
Not suing each other's asses off. God.

Also this incident happened some time ago,
Well I "pushed" this little kid, it was more like, he was grabbing me and,
I kinda like let him fall on his own, and then this whole BS started.
The mom is a female dog BTW.

So this whole drama starts how I push her kid,
It's not like the kid died or anything? Or got any serious injury,
I didn't even mean to push that kid. He just, I dunno, fell.
So then, my uncle's best friend was the the uncle of the evil mother with that evil child,
So my uncle has been whipped around like a slave taking care of this child,
Just because that excuse of a mother can't, like honestly. Wow.
It's not your kid, you're not even related by blood!

Also, lets go to the blogskin drama shall we. (:
So, I know you lovely bunch of girls read this, and I hope you enjoy this.
Honestly if you want to personally attack us and spam our tagboards,
Put your name, and your blog's URL, and don't hide under "Guest",
God, such cowards, honestly, don't hide gurl, we'll hunt you down anyways.
Also, say what you really want to say on blogskins, not just on our tagboards,
Worried that you might ruin your "reputation" with your Internet friends?

Anyways another thing, one day Umi, you'll see me, and you'll see me,
Without acne! With a new haircut! Overall, more sexier, you know you'll like that!
Then I'll have more fangirls then I'll break their hearts. Hohohoho, I so mean.

Peace, this wasn't like a regular blog that I usually do, but I felt fly like a G-6 today.

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