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It's really annoying. on Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's really annoying, that I can't blog.
More like, I can't blog at that specific moment.
Then I lose that great idea and had.
I need a fucking laptop, goddamn.


Winter is back, and it's really cold, it's -23°C outside right now.
Which is more the reason to stay inside and hide like a little girl.
Anyways, winter here isn't like what it is in the picture,
You'll freeze your ass off, literally.

I watched an interesting documentary yesterday.
It was about how people get fooled by love, marrying overseas,
So their "partners" could get an easy Permanent Residence in Canada.
Those bastards.

Awfully mean to pretend to love someone to get something.
Oh wait, I did that. Also they can't be deported back,
Since they have a permanent residence right after landing in Canada.
Now that's just sick, and twisted, and not what I did.
So where do we, draw the line for

The Price of Heartache?

Many of my friends are terrible when it comes to love.
What? It's normal for teenagers to be really bad at "love".
I don't think love exists until your out of high school.
And not a teenage girl/boy who has a shit for a brain.
I mean we get smarter, hopefully when we get older.

Lets face it, love is a bitch that's waiting to bite our asses.
You get blinded when your in "love", more so often lust.
You don't see the grey areas, only the black and white parts.
Love blinds us from seeing the full picture,

And only letting us see what we want to see.

I have my fair share of heartbreaks, wait I haven't.
Then why am I blogging about this retarded shit?
Oh wait yeah, friends. I'm sure they experienced more than me.
Over-obsessing monkey for her dream relationship with the bear,
Or the heartbreak that seems to never end with the cat.

Either way, love will come, and love will hurt.
But in the meantime, lets just forget about our worries,
Our pain, and just sit there and think about nothing.
Not the past, not the future, just nothing.
And as cheesy as this sounds, cherish what you have.
Because, the world will bound to take it away from you one day.
I miss my Pebbles. ㅠ ㅠ

And that my friends, I have experienced,
And you'll never get what lost back, ever.

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