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The things people do. on Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So I haven't been blogging in awhile, totally broke my promise, not like anyone is reading this piece of shit anyways~
So I usually check my stats to see who creeps my blog, seeing how I have random people, but the keywords that they type on Google that shows my blog is the best part of stats.

Lets see shall we?

keywords | hits
mimu plagiarism | 7
angel beats ipod touch backgrounds | 3
angel beats 1024x768 | 2
"every heart begins with darkness" | 1
angel beats ipod backgrounds | 1
escapingtears.blogspot.com | 1
if we don t we | 1
micho maeda | 1
obviously our | 1

Honestly it's funny and depressing at the same time, only one of the keywords make sense, my damn blog URL.
Others, well, I don't know how the fuck people got that.

Damn those AngelBeats! fan, my blog does not have iPod Touch backgrounds!

So you wanna know how Micho has been? Well I'll tell you. I started accutane, lovely drug I must say.
My skin suppose to get worse, and it is along with my skin and lips getting really dry, so I've been hermit crab mode for a while, well for all of Christmas break.

Productive eh?

So I picked up a few games while sitting at home being a pile of crap on a chair.

Iris Online hosted by gPotato
Vindictus hosted by Nexon

Hopefully you at least know who Nexon is, the company that hosted MapleStory, while the games are polar opposites.
They keep me entertained while I'm being a lump of lard that no one bothers to visit because, I dunno, they're tards.


Anyways, have a happy belated Christmas, and a happy New Years, don't drink and drive~

Love, Micho~ (Not fucking Micho Maeda)

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