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How long? on Tuesday, November 2, 2010


New faces
New challenges
New schedule
New hair

Along with new things, old things fade away.
As they say:

In a blink of an eye.

Guess they weren't joking.
You get new teachers
New friends, new everything

Why can't it stop for a second?

Obviously I haven't been playing this game very well have I?
I guess I have to show you what you really want to see.
I'll slowly rip what we had, one by one.

Then you'll see what it feels like.

You should just forget everything.

Maybe I should
But I didn't
I can still remember everything
It's so very simple to just turn away

So very very simple to just ignore
That's my path, very simply
I'll ignore everyone, everything

Until my automatic machine called
The Brain.
Will delete you.

Or in simple terms
Forget you.

Don't think your special just because I'm deleting you
One day, I'll delete everything I ever loved.
One by one, and when I'm done.
I'll be left with everything I truly hate.

Maybe then, I'll truly know.
What it feels like to love.


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