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Do we continue this game? on Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peek-a-boo by monikha

I have no idea what you want,
This year is going to be long, I'm sure of it,
We have three classes together, I'm pretty sure I know your whole schedule,
I'm not shocked if we have another class together during Semester 2.

Are you scared of me?
Do my teeth show?

Honestly I do bite, I'll admit that, both literally and figuratively.

So are we just gonna keep playing this game?
See who can sneak the most glances and looks,
At each other?

Lets talk about this logically, if we make up,
There is a gain, and we can have 3 happy classes together.
But if we don't, we don't lose anything, since, we can't lose anything more.
Of what we already lost.

When she said


I said hi back didn't I?
But it was only directed at her,
Did you want me to say hi?
These little mind games you're playing.
They are quite difficult, I can tell you that.
So, my question is this.

When will you finally say hi?

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