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-rolls on the carpet- on Saturday, August 7, 2010

Again with the boredom, seems like it's never ending to be truthful. Five days 'till Open Beta launches for Soul Master! Which means, five more days 'till the CBT Review Contest ends, I'm currently in the lead thanks to countless friends helping me with spamming the links to other people, or complete strangers. As I am typing to you write now my current number of views are 1249, which is simply outstanding. With second place around at 500 views and the rest not even reaching 100 yet, it seem like I'll win easily.

But, I won't let my guard down. I'll be constantly watching mine and the opponents view number.
I still need more views, I'm trying to reach my goal of 2500 views by the end of this review contest.
Although, the creator of the event was not idiotic, views only count half of your chances of winning.
The other half goes to how good your review is, I would like to say mine is great, but not perfection.
I'm too lazy to change some grammar spelling errors.

I have every single language on my computer,
Simply memorized "tkfkdgo" that was taught to me by the Bunny.
Also, if you haven't noticed, and if you haven't you should really get your eyes checked.

I have a new layout!
I've been obsessing over this Japanese toy, called "Danbo".
Honestly, cutest thing ever, so my layout is themed Danbo!
But I still love my Wonder Girls, they #1 in my heart.

Wonder Girls, 화이잍!
I'm getting good, no?

So I've got some actual real life activities next week,
Shockingly, I shall tell you, my sexy readers,
Which is only like what three of you?
Unless some creeper is reading this.
Then, hi there!

I'm going to workout with the 토끼 & 원숭이,
After figuring out that I couldn't do a single push up,
It's time for a change! Time to get fit!
Then, I'm going to someone's house,
I'm thinking if I shouldn't, just don't feel like it.
Oh, 언니 I hope your having fun camping,
Me and 누나 are missing you.

Sorry for the overuse of Korean, just wanted to practice, kekeke.

I'm in a happy mood for some reason.

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