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Heartache. on Friday, August 13, 2010

heartache. by rosarot @deviantart

I haven't had any since what happened with Tuna.
That was two years ago, that indescribable pain.
That just suppresses your heart, it just, hurts.

Fuck you.

It goes away, with time.
Time slowly makes you,
Forget, it moves the painful memories.

In front of things so I can't forget them.

Inside a tiny box, and with time.
The box gets slowly locked, and the memories will disappear.
With time.

I'm going to break.

So SoulMaster launched into OB yesterday, I must say. They should have done a second CBT, the game is still bug-filled, none to little addition to the game, it's just the same damn thing, but it's "OB" now as they say. More like "BS", and I thought this game would keep me distracted so much for that plan. I should have signed up for Microvolts CBT, seems like a good game it looks like Manga Fighter, my very first MMORPG.

Game sucks, I still think about you.

It's been pouring outside, heavy winds, dark and gloomy.
I like it. Fits how I feel right now.
Hope the rest of Edmonton feels sad and depressed.
I'm just that nice, cursing you all.

But you guys are already dead inside right?

They still haven't announced who won the CBT events,
Most players like me, are getting pissed, we want our CC.

You can go die in a hole.

Don't know why my post is so weird.
I talk about sad things, then MMORPGs.
Lmao, I'm not high, or am I?

That fake account, that hit a spot.

I actually want school to start,
So the days will go by faster,
Then I can forget about everyone faster.

You told me to stop lying, when you're doing most of it.

Next year will be hectic.
Mostly all core classes, and yet.
I still don't know what I want to do, as a job.
Still lost in the game of hide and seek, all the answers I want,
Are hiding and I'm the seeker.
The clock is ticking, there ain't must time left.

I hope I can find everything in time.

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