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Distraction. on Thursday, August 5, 2010

So I've been playing numerous games, and what not these days, I want to distract myself, from you. So far it's been working, I just finished writing a Closed Beta review for SoulMaster, the first place winner gets $50 and also two special in-game items, how they chose who wins is based on the number of views the review gets, I would be glad if you guys helped me out. Click here for the review, feel free to leave a comment or like it.

Thanks in advance.

I've been rolling on the floor lately, yes, boredom has struck me again, Open Beta for SoulMaster starts one 8/12, and frankly I can't wait that long, even though if it's for a few days. I'll only get to play for two days, then I'm off to Vancouver for four days. Hate traveling, I hate airplanes, I hate the food, the recycled oxygen, I just hate, flying.

But. . .

I guess it's the distraction game I'm playing, with myself.

Everyone plays that game it seems,
Just because, we don't want the truth.
The truth hurts, it leaves a scar.

It's for the best anyways.

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