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i don't even. on Thursday, July 8, 2010

So apparently, we have to take time to discover ourselves, learn about ourselves obviously we don't know who we are, we know what we want to be, who we want to be, but do we know what we are in present tense. We change. Time from time we change, maybe it's something little, or maybe once or twice in our lives we change ourselves a drastic personality makeover.

But I'm having a hard time
seeing what I am.

I know one thing for sure.
People's thoughts, words, whispers,
laughter, jokes that are about me,
they crack through my brittle walls,
I freeze, they targeted me,
I die a little bit on the inside.

I want to know

What they are talking about me, what they are laughing about. Are they pointing at me? Are they laughing at me? What flaw do I have that creates such laughter? Is something showing? Something I do not want to show, something I hide, something that's perfectly normal, viewed strange or funny to another person?

What can I do to make them stop laughing?

Stop pointing
stop looking
Just stop
I can't breathe.

I've finished watching Angel Beats! it actually was one of the best animes I've watched, the plot was surprisingly good, although the ending remains unclear to me as in what happens, there are a plotholes in the ending though, but either way. It's one of the best animes out there it has a combined genre there's comedy, romance, action, many more. Also it talks about death and an afterlife, which got my attention.

The OST is also good, the characters are well developed, also there are a few scenes where they made me shed tears. It shows that shorter manga/animes are more well done than longer or continually running forever and ever.
Not regretting my time wasted on this show!

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