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get the fuck out of my dreams, please. on Friday, July 30, 2010

The reason why I'm sleeping at 2AM is because I want sleep when I'm tired to the extreme, where I can just fall onto the bed and instantly I'll just drift off to slumber. I hate my dreams, my dreams are always nightmares, anything from me falling down over and over again, or, you know anything I would wake up gasping for air. But no, you had to come into my dream and cause me more pain you big fat bastard, and yes I'm refereeing to you as you know because I know that you don't even read this damn shit I call a blog.

I stayed up until 3AM yesterday while watching Coraline, on Shaw on Demand, it was on the freezone, I know I'm cheap, so sue me. It should not be a child's movie, scared the crap out of me, I almost kept falling asleep on the couch, my vision would blur and I would try to wake myself up, after the movie I hit the sack.

That's when you came in.

Honestly I don't know why I'm dreaming or thinking or have any feelings for you. I hate how love plays these games, the games where you just end up hurt and defeated. Well, that happens to me mostly, not a fucking shocker right there. I thought this would be a peaceful summer, where I could go outside, without the fear of seeing you, honestly I'm even to go to Southgate now. FML, FML, FML, FML, FML, FML, FML.

No, screw you. Well, screw the world. Everyone has their shit cut out for them, fuck life. Ugh, no more specifically, fuck you. And if you do that thing where you reply back "Ew, no don't fuck me.", then I would just get more annoyed, can't believe you got that from the bunny, or the monkey. Lately, I don't know, I've been trying to keep myself busy, not doing anything at all, I wish I could sleep for all day long, but my parents wake me up at 12PM, my mom has been bugging me to read my learners, when she nags me about it I go "fuck you" which is a cry for help, but their too oblivious to see that.

Not that I blame them, I'm not asking for any help in the first place,
I'm just waiting for it to come all fall into my lap, I know right?
I'm so proactive in my life. /sarcasm

Yes I'm in a fucking great mood if you can't see. Or rather, read.
Oh another thing to add. . .

I did not know the rabbit puts her blog URL on her Facebook, not that's bad or anything but seeing how someone just spammed her Tagboard, I hope no one finds out about this little hole. Well someone else already did.

-rolls eyes-

Not like they'll continue to read this, probably skim it once and say "Fuck this is boring. Lets go do something else like sex, or drugs or alcohol, cause that's what everyone does these days!" Which honestly I'm completely fine with that, I made this blog so only the rabbit, monkey and the sea could read it. I must be naive to not put this blog onto invited readers only. Thinking how no one else would read it. Obviously that's not the case.

I don't know.
Just really don't fucking know.

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