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Boredom is where I live on Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yes I'm bored, just so fucking bored.
Lets roll down the damn list why I'm bored.

I don't see you anymore.

My games are just so boring, they're too easy.
And, one of the games has a damn hacker outbreak,
The other game is just buggy as hell, whoopeefuckingdoo.

Excuse the language, my recent posts are more.
Angry these days, don't know why.

Next thing on the damn list is.

I don't hear your voice anymore.

Those fanfictions Umi sent me, aren't exactly,
What I wanted, maybe I just don't like reading,
I'm more of a visual learner, and that just sounded,
So wrong, yay for sexual innuendos.

Not to mention it, I just got,
A haircut.

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate,
Fucking hate haircuts, just so damn much.
I mean, like why, why do I have to get a haircut?

My hair is perfectly fine, fucking fine,
Just the way as it is, damn mother.
Just because no one grew their hair "long",
In the old days, doesn't mean we don't do it now.

You won't be seeing me in public.
With this dreaded haircut, for quite a while.

I lied Sora, I know he has a blog.

Really, I rolled on the floor for fun,
The damn floor people, honestly.
Might as well jump off a cliff, for fun.

Still waiting for Nina, for my new layout,
And that signature I asked for.
I'm a forum moderator now!

Yay for abusing powers.

No really, it's the only thing keeping me from,
Drowing myself in the bathtub.

I don't know why I'm in love with you.

And, on the last note, Amaya,
Welcome to the blogging life.
Also, change your damn font,
It's so hard to read when, pink,
Is the font. Stop using pink.

It kills me inside when I saw, "I'm still looking for her."

Other than that, welcome, don't be afraid,
To spill any dark thoughts onto your blog,
Because, no one will know who you are,
Unless you tell them, but, remember, code names.
Are your best friends.

But I don't know why, I keep reading it.

People have been complaining on MSN,
Asking me why, I'm so depressed lately,
I don't reply, usually, I just ignore.
I don't have the time, or strength to tell them.
They won't understand, they already have someone.

I need you, I need.

By Your Side by antontang

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