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Why are the people I like. . . on Tuesday, June 8, 2010

darkness by 4nki @deviantart

They are not real, I see them,
They are imaginary.

They are not what they look like,
They deceive me, play tricks on me,
And I ask myself, why?
Why can't they be what I want them to be?
Seem selfish, but, my heart is heavy.
Its weighing me down, telling me I need to be uplifted,
Who can drown in my sorrow and sadness,
And not still walk away from me?

They say I can get a better someone, I honestly believe I can't.
People have to stop lying to me, it brings up hopes up.
Then it comes crashing down, drowning me in sorrow,
I slowly sink down to the bottom, my heavy sorrow,
Keeps me down there, locked and anchored.

I can see light, I can feel it, its beaming.
I can't expose myself, they'll reject me.
For what I really am, they will.
I worry about other people's problems.
Just to distract myself from mine.
I want to oblivious, I want to not know,
That I cannot find someone.

Its overwhelming me, the darkness,
Every heart begins in darkness,
And every heart ends in darkness.

But I know deep inside,
And sometimes it may be even harder to see,
Every heart has light, and even a tiny spec of it,
Can overwhelm the mighty darkness.

But I'm waiting.
For that spec of light,
To show me why life is worth living.

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