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When I see all my lies. . . on Sunday, June 13, 2010

LIES by callmesickgirl @deviantart

I see all the numbers stack up,
How many times I lied,
They tower over me, casting their,
Long, powerful shadow over me.

I'm trapped.

I can't get out, they want me to stay,
To live in my lies, to breathe in them,
I want to believe in my lies,
Because they sound so good, they don't hurt.
They're not reality, I can escape.


I lie to myself, how I'm going to find someone,
The reality sinks in, and I say to myself,
"Why would anyone want you?",
Then I go back relying on my lies, making them,
Fail proof. Surely, they can be fail proof.


The walls are cracking, they are weakening.
My lies are shattering right in front of me.
I try to fix them, I want to live in lies.
I can't bear to look at reality, it haunts me.

In all truth, my lies vary, from anything,
From my deepest darkest secrets,
From anything small.

I lie.

And I learned to accept it, I can't,

Why can't I stop? The lies feel so good.
But they lash back at me, the more I lie,
The more it hurts, the more they leave scars.
No one must know, how I really feel.

That's why, I lie.

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