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When the clouds cry on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Credits: 1maliniak1 @deviantart

Lately I've been tired. I've been too tired. I want someone yet I'm too scared to find someone, I'm scared of rejection, I'm scared of no one being out there for me, I'm scared. This new layout suits me, I'm going to die alone, cold, scared. Should I open this door for love? I'm scared that it is not going to look like what I see out the window, it might be scratched, blurred, blinded. I have to do this alone, and for that reason it chills my spine, I have no one to pick me up after I have fallen, I have no one to support me when I'm limping.

No one.

This battle is too hard, I have no other choice but to surrender. To let darkness overwhelm me and drag me down to abyss. Is there anyway that I can breathe again? To see sunlight, and see the moon glow at night, to see that special someone when I truly need love. I have to decide, shall I stand up and give it all for my last duel with this horrendous life?

Or simply to just wave the white flag and surrender?

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