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Take a shot. . . on Sunday, June 6, 2010

No you.

From the top of my head,
I could list all the reasons why I do not drink.
Lets go.

It kills your liver, your brain cells,
Which probably you don't have a lot of 'cause your drinking.
Probably kills other organs too, but that doesn't matter,
'Cause your just drinking once right?
Makes you act like a total retard. Also if you plan to call someone,
They'll think your even more of a retard.
Hrm drinking can also lead to, higher chances of killing yourself,
Higher chances of having sex, which leads to STIs.
Don't expect your friends to help you when they themselves are drinking,
They'll probably leave you to die.
Which in many cases that does happen, hope you like puking!

If you want to drink have fun. Don't expect me to show up,
'Cause I'm not an idiot to drink.
If you call me, when your drunk, just pisses me off more,
You act like a retarded hobo.
Might just even block your number, and no not temporarily 'cause you know,
Your gonna drink again 'cause your 'cool' like that. Also don't just say "Wow."
'Cause you know I'm right, the funny thing is,
You might not even what happened last night.
For all you and I know, you might have done stupid things that can't be erased.

'Cause you know, your just 'cool' like that to drink.

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