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False truth. on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When people say how their past partner(s) was terrible,
It disgusts me, or rather, it makes me jealous.
Because, yet to this day, I haven't felt another person,
Arms around me, their warmth, their love.

Slowly I sink, into the bitterness of my heart.

There are couple of things that are needed,
For life, they say it comes along in your journey,
Love, friendship, wisdom, mistakes, faith, hope.
A few to mention, some of us get all of them.


Some of us don't, some of us struggle,
Because we are lacking one or two of them,
Maybe even more, the more the worst,
The more you don't have, the more you're strong,
You're strong because, you're still here, you're reading this,
You haven't ended your life, you're strong because,
You're clinging onto the edges of life, still looking.


For the missing pieces of the puzzle.
To fill in the void that has been filled with darkness.
Obviously no one gets this for free, or easily.
We each have to battle, fight, survive,
For our change to live to the fullest.

What I'm trying to say is, basically.
Be happy what you have gotten,
As other people might not even have sipped that cup yet,
And never give up, because if you don't,
There will always be a reward,
Probably you can sip from a cup.

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