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.saturday | may 1st. on Saturday, May 1, 2010

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ichou typing~ Unlike Sora's and Nina's blog I randomly type stuff, even though no one reads it.

Well another day another post, since I was bored I decided to post something up again. I wasn't planning to post today, but instead of tomorrow but I have time to burn so I wanted to type something quick up. Me, Nina, Sora, and a couple of other friends were suppose to hang out today, but Sora lived too far away, and we were all to cranky to decide! But, we might hang out tomorrow, if Sora can get onto a bus early~

Trying to find pretty pictures, or anything pretty for the fact of the matter, but having tough luck, I have no patience going through site after site, wish the Internet could be easier. Although Sora gave me the link to deviantart so I'll post a pretty picture I like in every post, they might have some relevance to my post, but I like keeping it random.
Doki, doki, doki, so I've been trying to find some other kind of drama but no luck lately, and by other kind, some people know what I mean. But for all you people who don't know, tough luck. Been meaning to work out and lose some flab and gain some muscles, but I'm too lazy, maybe I should watch some of those online workout videos. Ah but oh well, I'll procrastinate until the summer. I take so long to write posts, I watch random videos halfway through typing, so I'm bored~ S4 League is filled with hackers, so I've been spending all my gaming time on Manga Fighter, yes I'm a gaming nerd, read profile.

みちょう です~

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