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.tuesday | may 25th. on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Credits: M r m u n c h i e s

Today wasn't a bad day, it had its up &nd downs I guess everyday has its good and bad moments,
I guess.
To tell you the truth for all you readers out there, (which is close to no one)
I'm scared to die alone, I am, I really am,
I'm scared that I can't find anyone that is the "right" one for me,
I read all of this happy little posts on sites, and I must say,
Having someone beside you is what I want or maybe even need, I'm scared,
That'll die alone, live alone, have no one, no one,
To share my secrets with, no one to express my feelings to,
No one.
Sora, Nina, & Umi all decided that they will never get married,
Or have children.
I want the opposite, I want my kids to bring me home their Father's Day presents,
That they made from school,
I want to bring my kids to to the park, &nd play ball with them.
This may sound all so cheesy and fake, but it is really what I want.
I want someone to grow old with, someone to have good &nd bad memories with, someone to die for.
But what do I have to do to reach my hopes &nd dreams?
They may say I'm young but I feel I'm running out of time, I feel,
Like I need grab it into my hand, and hold it there, forever,
Never letting it move, until I find that someone.
&nd when I do, then I truly know, what true pain is.


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