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.tuesday | may 11th. on Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Michou here~ Yet another eventful day in my life, this one will sure go down into my memory box. So yet another regular day, school, friends, life. We moved spots in Art class because I found a black dot on my project that I was going to give as charity to our school's art show. We all know the culprit, the girl that sits across us, with her uncontrollable watercolor splatters of doom, Nina had more than one on her project, although we covered it with white paint, still kinda stung.

As usual we go to Sora's school after our school is done, we get earlier release than Sora's school, but me and Nina are planning to go there next year. If my parents allow me, they change their minds like crazy, still haven't gotten a phone. The person asked me for my number, but it sounded like I was trying to lie when I said I didn't have a phone, which isn't actually a lie. I talked to the person today, face to face, the person is either playing dumb or is just really dumb or just not interested. There's not much to say until tomorrow, but when there's doubt there's truth~

ミチョウ です~

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