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Welcome stranger. My name is 이미초. I'm nothing special, and neither are you. This is for my feelings, my tumblr is for fun. If you really want to get to know me, there's my Facebook too.

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.thursday | may 13th. on Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Michou here~ Sorry about not updating yesterday, a lot of things happened. Right now I absolutely hate my hair, it looks terrible, its short, its ugly. Since Nina couldn't cut hair properly the back of head looked like a dog bit some pieces off, my parents told me to cut my hair and now it's short as ever! I can't even flip my hair, 'cause there's nothing to flip! I'll just use a lot of product to at least style it and make me look decent, since Nina caused this problem she should help me with my hair. I need someone to style it!

I sent a message to the person on Facebook, the person hasn't replied yet. Either the person is really busy with school work, the person seems pretty non-intelligent in the academic section, whenever I see the person, the person is always going inside the exam room, which means the person is doing test(s), the person missed, skipped, whatever. From what I heard, the person talks to people in between switching classes, which means the person is frequently late for classes. We both
agreed the person has a tendency to drift off like clouds, light in the head I suppose.

I'm bored, something is wrong with S4 League it's not allowing to connect to the game and always disconnects me every time I try to log on, I shouldn't have tried those pretty new hacks! But I bet that isn't the case, I'm also having trouble viewing videos on youtube, it's probably something to do with my router. Since Steam has a new promotion which they allow everyone to try Portal for 12 days for
free, it'll keep me distracted. I'm grasping onto my dream but reality always crashes in, where there is light there is always hope.

ミチョウ です~

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