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.sunday | may 2nd. on Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Michou again~
Well we tried to hang out together again, no luck prevailed being stuck at home isn't that bad, I'll just play some games. Although being on the phone with Sora is fun, I tend to ignore her 'cause I like to focus when I play my games, I come off as cranky sometimes.

There's been drama going down, and as usual I'm not involved I'm usually just an innocent bystander, well not innocent I kinda enjoy drama, it feeds the soul. Plus it's entertaining, not that I'll create drama just to fill me up, when there is some, I tend to hide behind the shadows with a bucket of popcorn and start munching away while I watch it happening live~

I got a picture from deviantart which is really cute, but the meaning of the picture is about conformity, which basically means going with the crowd. We all do it, some of us are followers and some are leaders, but to what extent do we conform to? Everyone is unique as they say, but if your following trends and so on basically there's contradiction. But if we do not conform and go with the flow, people socially shun us although there is nothing wrong about going with the flow, it is harder to not to go with the flow. It's impossible to eliminate conformity but where do we draw the line? If we keep conforming to the media, we'll end being westernized, western media is slowly seeping into every country, although we don't see it, it's happening.

Moving on, after that heavy subject, lets go on a lighter note. Looking for your +1 is hard, I must say, must be specially hard for me since I'm still in hiding but still. I can't deny I am stubborn to meet some of my friend's friends, but that would be awkward. I can feel for the person dating me, dating while still in hiding isn't technically a "relationship", oh well, I'm slowly telling people one by one, I should stop, I'm doing the opposite of what I planned for. There isn't anyone closed to me that I trust anyways that hasn't known yet~

My friend's slumber party is approaching, she said she invited him but then sadly she said it was a joke she says she keeps those friends are her friends seperated, because her ex tends to cause drama. Which totally was a bummer for me, I was really excited to meet him, now I can't.

I might not even be allowed to sleepover, which defeats the purpose of a sleepover, so overall I might not even go, if I'm not allowed to sleepover. Oh well, lets just see how things turn out~

みちょう です~!

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