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.saturday & monday | may 15th & 17th. on Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Michou here, daily updates are a hassle and since I'm in high school, with friends, school work, and strict parents who has the time to update his blog everyday? I shall update only when I have important things to express, or rant, you catch my drift? Was watching the season finale of Brothers & Sisters yesterday, Canada has a earlier premier than U.S. ABC is just cool that way. A few tears were shed, really touching episode, especially when they brought up HIV, as you might not know, homosexual, mainly males are at a higher risk of HIV. It brought me to a thought, is it riskier being a homosexual? The negative society, which is more tolerant these days, hiding the secret, the risk of losing friends and family over it.

Jumping over the spectrum, liking someone has a tendency to make his or her friends, made a couple of new buddies. All towards to get me hooked up, which I think is a little too suggestive, if the person doesn't want to, no one or nothing can make the person to do against his wishes.

-skips forward for two days-

Yay not finishing my post the day I wrote it, now I'm with Sora and one of my other friends which is helping me with the person. Once again no shocker, the person is not here again, not much of a shocker, the person is hardly ever here apparently to Sora. They were suppose to study math but, I guess we're procrastinating, not much shocker, once agian. Being let down isn't a negative, builds your character I guess, and makes you tougher, on the inside obviously, not a dirty joke.

We went walking, then down a ravine I guess, full of bugs scared the crap out of me and they bite too! Tomorrow will be the same I guess, the person won't be there, I'll be sitting there all alone, in my little corner, there ain't much fishes in the fish bowl. But sometimes, you have grasp what is happening, right now I'm clinging onto hope~

ミチョウ です~

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