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.wednesday | may 5th. on Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Michou here~ Mianhae, I didn't post here yesterday, a lot of things happened the past two days. First of all, my friend tried to hook me up with this person, the person goes both ways, which makes me not trust that person, bending both ways is iffy to my sense. Although my friend was the one that hooked us up, she just totally ditched me after school today, making us un-introduced, which means I'm bummed and in depression, sinking below the sea.

Bright side or moderate side is that I got my hair cut, but Nina had to ruin the back of it, now it looks like a dog attacked my hair. It's nasty, also hairspray and wax ain't always the way to nice hair, looks like I have greasy, crusty hair. Although Sora photoshopped my profile picture, I still look pretty good, people are commenting, although they could be lying, or sarcastic. I think of every possibility there is, especially if me and that person dated, I thought of a variety of tragedies, yeah, I'm that cool.

The person was a stellar body, but when we saw that person, kinda short. Always thought I would get someone taller than me, oh well, height doesn't matter, the body just does.

みちょう です~

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