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.monday | may 24th. on Monday, May 24, 2010

Credits: A i l e d d a

As I bite into a piece of an orange it stung, got me thinking, every action must have downfall to it, the world is balanced if there is good there must always be evil. Some of you refer to it as Ying & Yang, black and white, magical unicorns and magical ponies, what. But rubbing off all humor here, I thought about my actions and decisions, there are a lot of things that I wish, well we all wish that we again erase with an eraser. Life isn't a piece of paper with pencil scribbles we can't simply erase what we have done, and if we decide to write our lives with a pen instead we can always scratch the surface away with what we covered it up with.

There have been moments in our lives where we took a second and though what the outcome might be, even against higher chances of us failing we always think of what the positive outcome would be. We know what we're doing sometimes we know it is completely and utterly wrong and all of the outcomes are negative but why don't we stop ourselves? Do we see
ALL of the outcomes after we have done the deed? We don't know what life clearly is. Is it a game? Is it real? Simply we doubt life everyday, but can we trust it? There is no evidential proof that life is serious at all, maybe this a sip of the drink before we dive ourselves in the real thing. So how come we over think, over exaggerate basically everything? Are we too scared to show our vulnerable side, is it some sort of form of losing?

Every single day is a miracle, we have choices. To see it through or simply end it.

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