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.monday | may 10th. on Monday, May 10, 2010

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Ah, Michou here~ You haven't heard from me for almost 3 days! Missed me? Unlikely anyone still reads this. Oh well, moving on I had no time to update this blog on Saturday because I thought I was going to do it at night. But a turn of events happened, Sora was having a sleepover at her house! The buses stop service early during weekends, so I though I would go on Sunday, but then my sister drove me there. Although the experience wasn't fully pleasant turns out, boys weren't allowed to sleep over, and Sora tried using the "gay" excuse, it didn't work, she used it too many times! The irony was almost laughable, but they had a plan;

- Hide in the storage room next door, lock it, turn off the lights.
- Pretend that I left.
- Wait until it was safe.

It went as planned, but I had to sleep on the floor, and hide in a tent all the time, meaning I couldn't go to the washroom. Also! I couldn't wash my hair, which made it all oily and yucky, how attractive. Also did I mention I had to crawl out the window? It was the only way to escape, then Nina and Sora had to pretend that they were meeting me at Starbucks, we got drinks, but then it started raining, and that's when the hot chocolate got on us, did I mention that we were all wearing white?

Today, wasn't the way it was suppose to be planned out, as usual. Turns out, the person was sick, thought the person wasn't interested overall. But I tend to exaggerate at situations like this, the person messaged to me over Facebook, explained why he was absent, and how the person was not "ditching" and told how sorry the person was, which Nina noted out that the person really wants to meet me, which makes me feel good.

It seems that fate doesn't really want us to meet, but lets break the barrier, take out first step, rather, a leap of faith.

ミチョウ です~

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