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.monday | may 3rd. on Monday, May 3, 2010

Credits: Jeff Thomas

Michou typing~
First thing I must say is; Oh My God. The worst experience happened to me today, it wasn't bad as in negative, but my stomach flipped and I wanted to curl into a ball when it happened. What happened was my friend was being stupid enough to simply say that I'm one of those people, on a public bus, in front of two friends that didn't know. I just stared at her, and she didn't get the message, I tried to shake it off with a fake laugh, that didn't work either, it was just so gut wrenching. Feel like I wanna hide in my own little box, worst, experience, ever.

Moving on, the sleepover might be canceled, since my friend can't have guys over at her house, she tried to put us in her cousin's house, and he's having mood swings, must be his time of the three months. She said she'll invite him, while in her cousin's house, with people that go to the same school with me, great. It's not like I'm ready for a relationship anyways, I really shouldn't have told anyone, it's really just spiraling downhill right now. Bad move, I regret it, University plan failed. All hell broke loose, I know I'm exaggerating but still, big secret here people. I feel like just eating ice cream now, sucks ass.

School isn't much of a joy either, it's boring, take notes, do work, different class, go! Nothing exciting happens, sure there are a few laughs, but I'm still bored. Life is boring, when you don't have a +1, that's how I see it. Giving someone your heart is a risk though, teenage relationships always tend to end bad, they break your heart.

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