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.friday | may 7th. on Friday, May 7, 2010

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Today wasn't what I thought it was going to be, high hopes were shattered and sorrow poured into my heart. So yesterday night I was complaining to Sora about how I have nothing pretty to wear, since today was suppose to be the special day. Now here's the twist in the story, the person told my friend that the person has an appointment and was unable to meet me, obviously I began to whine and wanted to go die in a hole I shoved my face in my hoodie and began to rethink this whole thing.

As you know I love to speculate the possible and the exaggerated possibilities too, I thought that the person just simply didn't want to meet me, my self-esteem is low, bite me. Other possibilities were that the person just fooling around, pulling a prank, a evil mastermind, but all those are too far fetched. The person's alibi was clean, the person told two of my friends that the person had an appointment, at two different times, so at least I can stop worrying about the crazy possibilities.

Totally creeping the person's Facebook profile, the person changed his profile picture, worth mentioning here, I could just see Sora and Nina facepalm their selves while they read this. I'm hanging out with Sora and Nina tomorrow, we're going to a mall for their friend's birthday, maybe I can buy something pretty. If I can pull off the lie that my drum teacher said he couldn't come this week so I can go. Another new episode of Brothers & Sisters cheered me up, sometimes I wish I could break out of my cage.

ミチョウ です~

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