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.thursday | may 6th. on Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Michou here~ I just screamed and jumped all around the room, you ask why? Well, I fucking think MSN is the best shit ever. Forgive my language, but my joy is uncontainable right now, turns out the person thinks I'm "good looking" either way, I'm ready to have a leap of faith. The day to meet him is tomorrow, I'll probably not sleep today, I'll just think, think about what I'm going to wear, and scream even more. The day turned out better than I thought, scratch that, the day turned out fabulous~ Who knew Thursdays are the best days ever?

Lets go down how the day went, played Sora's PSP in two my classes, the teachers didn't care, did basically nothing study wise in school, we just watched movies and videos. Went to a mall with Nina and her cousin, who bought us fish shaped ice cream waffles, I ate two, I know I'm a fatty, still haven't gotten the will to work out yet, but after tomorrow I know I'll have a "big" motivation.
Catch my drift?

After wandering around the mall for an hour or so, we went to pick up Sora, she doesn't have early release on Thursdays, sucks for her. After meeting up with several other friends, and the long and irritating search for one of my friends was long and hard, that sounds wrong but screw that! Momentarily after finding her and this other friend, I spot that person, stalk him with Sora, now this is the weird part. We stalked, obviously I creeped him, but then he started staring at me, obviously my reaction would be swear and hide behind Sora, but he just kept staring, then he went inside a room and I was in a safe zone!

I found out that my friend told him my name and he creeped my Facebook profile, which was not of my knowing! After that incident, I was bipolar between two moods for a while, happy that I got a super glimpse of him, but worried that he might think that I'm a super creeper, which I totally am. But, that all changed when that faithful message came on my screen, I read it, then reread it, then reread it one more time just to make sure he said that. Then I screamed, dance around the room, and proceeded killing people on S4 League. I'm ready to take my leap of faith.

みちょう です~

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